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World Records



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The Guinness Book includes in its' World Records,
The Marvel of Construction - The Satsang Bhawan at temple,
Thakur Shri Govind Devji Maharaj, Jaipur
The Worlds' Widest  R.C.C. Flat Roof
With A Single Span of119 Feet,


The Pink City of India, yet adds another feather  in the cap of  the world, increasing the horizons of marvels in construction  by dedicating The Grand Satsang Bhawan to the public on 25th July, 2009, at temple, Thikana Mandir Shri Govind Devji Maharaj, Jaipur,  the symbol of Indian Excellence with a single span of 119 feet !

It is a Dream Realized!

Shri Pradhyumna Kumar Goswami

  Shri Manas Goswami 

The late Shri Pradhyumna Kumar Goswami, the father and the predecessor of the    present sole Sebayat and sole Trustee, Shri Anjan Kumar Goswami, dreamt that there  should be a separate place with adequate accommodation & facilities for the devotees  to be benefited by the spiritual and religious discourses and cultural activities aiming to  Krishna-Bhakti and Leela Prasar.  He could not fulfill it in his life time.

His able son and a dedicated successor, The Present Sole Sebait and the Sole Trustee, Thikana Mandir Shri Govind Devji Maharaj, Jaipur - Shri Anjan Kumar Goswami, visualised and conceived a Satsang Hall in the campus on West of the temple garbh-graha with all the uptodate amenities and facilities for the devotee public.

He wished  that it should be a place under a single span  roof so that nothing should obstruct the vision and hinder  the sight of any of the spectators / devotees  witnessing the  programs going on.  He envisaged that at least 5,000  persons at a time may conveniently be accommodated in it.  He discussed it with all concerned; examined it at length  with his son and successor, shri  Manas Goswami whose  devotion and active participation in the Temple activities is  commendable.

People related with construction activities told him that it  was a challenge fraught with grave risks at every step. He  Took the Challenge and decided to go ahead.  For any risk  whatsoever, both of them decided to take all precautions  before hand.

Shri Anjan Kumar Goswami

They brought their vision on the paper.  They worked over it day and night.  Shri Rajiv Khanna, the  Architect of Indian Fame, worked out the Maps, Designs and other architectural subtleties. The contract was  given  to the Rajasthan State Road Development Corporation (RSRDC); And the work begun.

The work started on 7th of July, 2007 and to the  PRIDE of our Nation this Structural Architectural Marvel took  its shape. On 25th of July, 2009, just after 383 days of the beginning, it  was dedicated to the public in a spiritual  ceremony in the campus under the roof of this World Record!

This structure cost Rs.30 millions; This is a flat roof made of a grid slab (R.C.C. roof constructed using a criss-cross  square grid of deep ribs); The roof sizing 36 meters x 38 meters is resting on four peripheral beams. The outer  beams, in turn, rest on eight columns on the outer periphery, four at the corners and four in the middle of each  side.  Being the pillars at distance from each other, to minimize the deflection ( the sagging of the roof) and to  bring   it into permissible limits, the thickness of  slab was increased  to 200 mm. The equipment and technology  used in making flyovers and bridges has been put to work for this construction. The post-tensioning technology,  latest in building construction has been used.

It took 36 hours to lay its roof; 90 trucks had to enter the site during this period.  290 tons of steel has been  consumed and 2000 cubic meters of concrete has been used.  The hall is 119 feet long and 124 feet wide with a 12 meter deep foundation.  The height is 24 feet from the ground.  The roof area is 15827 square feet.

This Construction has also been awarded with The Outstanding Concrete  Structure Award in a  celebration in Jaipur, under the joint auspices of the Indian Concrete Institute and the Ultratech Cement on the  Concrete-Day!








Foundation: 12mtrs deep; Length: 119 Feet; Width: 124 Feet; Height from ground: 24 Feet; Roof Area: 15827 sq. feet;


The 2nd Record -

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