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Thikana Mandir ShriGovind Devji, Maharaj,












Anand Mahotsava:~

Daily Telecast of All Jhankis

From February 5th to March 5th, 2011


“GOVIND” – This name is not merely what refers to an Idol;  THIS IS Manifestation of  The DIVINITY ITSELF;  This name  is the Heart Beat of lakhs of people.  Many go to their work only after making their attendance in the DIVINE Court of THIS THAKUR; while Many others eat their first bite only after placing the PRASHAD on their tongue from the temple Govind Devji Maharaj, Jaipur.  So many people have it as their compulsory daily routine to at list do one of the seven Jhankis of this THAKUR; while some do all the seven Jhankis.  Out of the Ashtayam Sewa, seven Jhankis are opened for the public and one, the Ullai Jhanki seva is performed inside the curtains.   Four Hundred and Eighty Six Years ago  THAKUR Could no more  restrain HIS utter insticts to be physically present amidst HIS Dear Ones; and REVEALED HIMSELF before HIS  Fond Devotees from within the sacred soil of Vrindavan at Goma Teela in the year 1525.  What seems  a sacred idol enshrined in the temple to the ordinary people HAS actually played in person with HIS Fond Devotees and BLESSED them with HIS company (read page 63 of the book “GOVIND GATHA” written by shri Nand Kishore Pareek and page 3 of the book “JAIPUR KE ARADHYA DEV THAKUR SHRI GOVIND DEVJI MAHARAJ” – both the books are available with H.H. Shri Anjan Kumarji Goswami, the sole sevadhikari and sole trustee of Mandir Shri Govind Devji Maharaj, Jaipur.

The legendry Moghul Emperor Akbar the great, was so impressed with the MAJESTY of This Thakur that he felt it a grace to himself by offering 135 bighas of land to the divine cause of GOVIND DEVJI MAHARAJ.  Govind, the Ocean of Mercy and Kindness HAD arrived here before the foundation of Jaipur was laid down;  the Fortune started smiling.   King Shri Sawai Jaisingh inspired with this Divine influence converted this piece of land to a beautiful, world renowned city bearing the name Jaipur, the Pink City of India.  Such an emphatic celestial spiritual boon was it for him that it made him to inscribe in the official state seal of his kingdom, the words (Shri Govind Charan Sawai Jai Singh Sharan).  The rulers of this state always owned GOVIND as the King and regarded themselves as HIS Deewan.  It is a much popular saying  in Jaipur that GOVIND HIMSELF made a choice of HIS  Abode;  It occured to King Shri Sawai Jaisingh in his dreams that GOVIND WISHES Suraj Mahal to be place of HIS ABODE;  The very next day he left Suraj Mahal and shifted to Chandra Mahal.  Right since then Suraj Mahal became "Mandir GOVIND DEVJI Maharaj".  Whenever human intellectual or visionary forces get blurred or obscured by the clouds of doubts, distrust or dismay they find their way in the Lotus Feet of This INFINITY;  GOVIND never lets them fail.  The keys of Universal peace, Universal love, Universal Fraternity AND Redemption from the path of error are delivered to the humanity with the DIVINE Solace continuously being showered from the Lotus Palm of Thakur Shri Govind Devji Maharj, Jaipur.  

HATS OFF to the Devoted Dynamic Personality of Shri Anjan Kumar Goswami and his son shri Manas Goswami who have not only upheld the high values of Shri Madhviya Gauria Sampradaya but have taken this DIVINE INSTITUTION To new graceful heights.  Even the Guiness World Records have taken the honour to themselves by including the Newly built Satsang Bhawan at Govind Devji Temple in their WORLD RECORDS. 


THE Blessings of  Revered
Jagadguru Shri Purushottamji Goswami and the Enchanting guiding force of the most respected Shri Shrivatsaji Goswami shall definitely make the whole celebration a memorable event.  Many of us who are not aware of the existence of this wonderful DIVINE ASSET amidst ourselves shall definitely stand benefited with this legendry live DIVINE BOON!!   The way the graland of programmes HAS BEEN PREPARED for all the thirty days catches the attention and is sufficient to invoke everybody’s inner soul!

The books "GOVIND DARSHAN" both in hindi and english written by Shri Manas Goswami are quite informative; Thanks to the writer that he has acquainted the common man with this
glorious heritage and DIVINE ASSET which we have right amidst us, yet  were ignorant.....  The proposed Anand Mahotsava shall go a step forward AND shall provide  more of the authentic literature and material regarding this PROUD HERITAGE.  Shri Shrivatsaji Goswami is a very well known figure for his masterpiece knowledge and enchanting delivery of his eloquent  spiritual discourses;  Everybody shall get enriched from his such blessing guidance in this ANAND MAHOTSAVA.

After the dedication of
DARSHAN MANDAP to the public in the year 1995 when the Mangal Mahotsava was celebrated,  the SATSANG BHAWAN bearing the Guiness word record and LIVE DARSHAN telecast on the Internet are the important landmarks. These have added  "ANAND" (the ultimate pleasure) in the atmosphere and in the hearts of the people;  This ANAND MAHOTSAVA IS THE CELEBRATION to acknowledge the participation of people in the glory of LORD GOVIND from across India and abroad!

Hearty Felicitations from the administration of The Temple Govind Devji Maharaj, Jaipur to each and every being;  THE GOVIND PARIVAR CORDIALLY INVITES YOU ALL TO Join in, share your pleasure and EXPERIENCE THE INTENSITY OF THE DIVINE GRAVITY.....!!!!!